Why Raw Data is Not Enough

We spend a lot of time on every analysis editing and normalizing data. The hard part is to ensure that you “fix” only bad data and do not remove the geology from the interpretation. There is definitely a trade off in doing this. We are constantly challenged by operators to speed things up and then repair the warts after we finish the interpretation.

Below is an example using a CMR that was analyzed with just the field data. The hole is in bad shape through the inorganic shale here. Porosity reads over 30 pu in places with >100 mD of Perm. The density data in the same area is likewise around 18 pu. If an analysis or user was to go into straight analysis even using something as simple as shading above a porosity cutoff, they would waste time on trying to remove a lot of false positives to then focus on the potential zones.

If this gets expanded to a regional sense and not even a field level then the depositional geology must also come into context. The NuTech database allows for using multiple offsets and vendor solutions to assist in getting the data ready for analysis quickly.  Contact us to assist in your sub-surface challenges.

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