Reservoir Engineering

NUVISION delivers value at every stage of reservoir development

NUVISION combines all other NuTech disciplines to generate development solutions to optimize field development

NUVISION integrates dynamic field data along with our reservoir characterization to provide history matching and forecasting solutions. This typically involves the creation of fit for purpose dynamic models. Dynamic modeling is a rigorous industry best practice methodology capable of capturing complex reservoir behavior. It is the foundation of a structured approach to sound decision making that integrates all known engineering data for the benefit of reservoir development.

NUVISION models include conventional and unconventional reservoirs to determine the location, well type, hydraulic stimulation and completion specifics that generate an optimal development plan. The models are also used to determine the impact of changing the field recovery process such as the application of secondary recovery and/or EOR processes including CO2 injection and storage.

The NUVISION forecasts are the main input to economical modeling which then highlights the development plan with the best return on capital.

The current capabilities are:

  • Conventional and unconventional 3D dynamic reservoir modeling including hydraulic fracturing
  • Parent-child interference modeling with GOHFER-Petrel-CMG integration
  • Black oil or compositional modeling to accurately simulate CO2 injection

Integrated solutions

Reservoir intelligence is gathered and interpreted by a team of experts unparalleled in the industry using innovative technology and a unique, integrated process.

Petrophysical Analysis

The intelligence required to make profitable decisions.

Geological Modeling

Get a more detailed picture of what's happening in the reservoir.

Completion Engineering

The reservoir is not homogeneous, so your completions shouldn't be either.

Core Analysis

Essential for determining oil and gas potential based off the experimental results of core samples.

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NuTech Reservoir Experts:

  • Discovered the full commercial potential of the Eagle Ford Shale.
  • Confirmed a world class project that resulted in Argentina’s largest crude oil discovery in two decades.
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