Merge MidCon Study

Analysis of 38 wells

Merge MidCon Mini Study

The study wells represent a portion of our experience in this area. View our Interactive Map to see just how many wells we have analyzed.

The aptly named “Merge” play in Oklahoma, where the STACK play from the North and the SCOOP play from the South transition from one play area to the next, was the focus of a recent NuTech public study.  NuTech’s Merge Study covers the main Merge fairway in southern Canadian, northern Grady, and Northwest McClain counties in Oklahoma.   The Merge Study includes reservoir characterization on 38 petrophysically and geomechanically evaluated well logs over Mississippian and Woodford horizons.   This area saw a ramp-up of activity in 2016 as STACK operators pushed Meramec, Osage, and Woodford activity South, at the same time SCOOP operators were pushing Woodford and Sycamore development to the North.  Merge continues to be an active area, with recent developments showing promising results in NW McClain county, and multiple operators touting upside potential of the overlying Hoxbar trend in NW Grady and northern Caddo counties.

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Reservoir potential evaluation