Austin Chalk Regional Study

Analysis of 20 wells

Austin Chalk Study

The study wells represent a portion of our experience in this area. View our Interactive Map to see just how many wells we have analyzed.

NuTech’s Austin Chalk study consists of 20 wells, across East Texas and Louisiana. The Austin Chalk is an Upper Cretaceous formation that consists of recrystallized, fossiliferous, interbedded chalks and marls. The Austin Chalk overlays the Eagle Ford shale in South Texas, the Woodbine in southeast Texas and the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale in south Louisiana.The thickness ranges from 80 feet to 1,800 feet and has produced as shallow as 900 feet to as deep as 16,500 feet. The production fluid also ranges from black oil to dry gas. This study gives a regional understanding of the chalk from the Karnes Trough, the Eaglebine area, Brookeland Field, Masters Creek Field, North Bayou Jack Field, to Tammany Parish.

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Reservoir potential evaluation