Duvernay Regional Shale Study

Analysis of 60 wells along the foothills of the Alberta Rockies.

The Upper-Middle Devonian Duvernay strata represents an extremely prolific resource play.

This study provides insight into the connectivity of textural attributes of the wells.

Regional Studies - Area Study Image - Eagle Ford
The study wells represent a portion of our experience in this area. View our Interactive Map to see just how many wells we have analyzed.

This study provides a petrophysical and geologic analysis of key wells along the foothills of the Alberta Rockies. NUTECH provides insight into the connectivity of textural attributes of the wells with NULOOK Shale Analysis , NUSTIM Geomechanical Analysis and NUVIEW 2D Attribute Mapping.

The Duvernay Formation of Alberta, Canada is a proven source rock, which has sourced much of the oil and gas to the adjacent Devonian conventional fields including the prolific Rimey-Meadowbrook Reef Trend. The formation extends from over 400 kms from the Wildriver Basin in the north to the West Shale Basin in the southeast. The Duvernay represents the deep basinal toe sets of the prograding “shaley” Ireton Formation. Presently, this is an emerging oil-rich shale play in Canada. At this early stage, there are only a few horizontal wells with frac stimulation and production tests; so far, results have been encouraging for the industry.

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