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Management Team - James Fogal

James Fogal

Vice President, NULOOK™ 

James Fogal joined NUTECH in 2004. Currently, he manages the day-to-day operations of the NULOOK™ Business Unit and petrophysical group. Mr. Fogal graduated from the University of Dallas in 1974 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Physics, followed by a Master of Arts degree from Rice University in NMR Physics in 1978. During Mr. Fogal’s 38 year career, he has:

  • Served NUTECH as Senior Petrophysicist, providing petrophysical analysis of single- and multi-well projects and aided in the development of petrophysical models.
  • Spent 14 years working with Halliburton as a Sales Engineer, Wireline District Manager, Senior Technical Advisor, and Log Analyst, managed Computing Centers in North America, and led Technical Marketing of Formation Testing and Waveform Sonic Services.
  • Spent 10 years with Schlumberger Well Services as Logging and Perforating District Manager, Division Staff Engineer, General Field Engineer, and Junior Field Engineer.

Mr. Fogal’s career focus has been on the well log industry, data acquisition, quality control, teaching, and petrophysical interpretation.

Corby Goodman

Vice President, NUSTIM™ 

Corby Goodman joined NUTECH in 2005. During his time at NUTECH he has assisted in the development of the NUSTIM process, expanded the NUSTIM product offerings, lead department operations and trained NUSTIM analysts.

Mr. Goodman graduated from Kansas State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering in 1995. In his career he has accomplished the following:

  • Worked as an operations engineer for Halliburton supporting hydraulic fracturing, acidizing, cementing and nitrogen operations for the central region of North America.
  • Provided full time in house technical support of cementing operations and fracture completions for several customers while at Halliburton.
  • As a member of Halliburton’s Mid-Continent Technical Team he provided technical support to customers, including the implementation of Fracture Injection Testing in key markets to determine well productivity before completion.
  • Participated in the design and execution of thousands of completions throughout North America and at international locations around the world.
  • Personally supervised hundreds of hydraulic fracturing treatments for customers throughout North America, the Gulf of Mexico and Angola.
  • Lead research and development projects for Chevron that could be used to enhance current completion methods and/or provide new completion techniques in the future.
  • Supported high value fracturing operations for Chevron at locations around the world.
  • Provided project assessments to determine the feasibility and/or readiness of Chevron projects.
  • Mentored and trained employees at multiple organizations in hydraulic fracture operations, qa/qc procedures, fracture simulations and fracture optimization techniques.

Mr. Goodman’s extensive knowledge of fracture modeling, fracture simulations, completion optimization and fracture injection testing allow him to lead the enhancement of oil and gas production efforts for NUTECH’s customers. Mr. Goodman is affiliated with the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE).

Jeffrey Bayless

Vice President, Reservoir Characterization

Jeffrey Bayless joined NUTECH in 2007 as a Lead Engineer and business development in the NUVIEW business unit where he focused on reservoir modeling and field development planning for numerous Gulf Coast fields. As VP Reservoir Characterization, he is currently responsible for overseeing POROLABS, NULOOK and NUVIEW; NUTECH’s reservoir characterization and integrated reservoir modeling business units.

Mr. Bayless graduated in 1984 from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Petroleum Engineering, and later earned a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Houston in 1989. In his 32 plus years in the industry, Mr. Bayless has held numerous positions:

  • G&G Consulting Manager with Blueback Reservoir, focusing on reservoir modeling studies throughout Texas and Louisiana, international projects in Colombia and the African West Coast.
  • Global Account Technical Manager with Roxar, focusing on business development strategies for IOC and NOC accounts.
  • Support and Consulting Manager with Roxar, focusing on customer support, reservoir modeling training and consulting projects throughout North and South America.
  • Consulting and Reservoir Engineer positions were held at Scientific Software-Intercomp, Texas Eastern and Marlin Drilling.

Mr. Bayless is affiliated with the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) and the Houston Geological Society (HGS).

Management Team - Michael Santiago

Michael Santiago

Vice President, Poro-Labs

Michael Santiago, Founder of Poro-Labs,  joined NUTECH with the acquisition in 2012. Michael is a geologist who brings over fifteen years of core analysis experience to the job and is a key player in the corrections of Mercury Injection Capillary Pressure (MICP) data in Tight Gas and Oil Shales (SPE 149432).

Since joining NUTECH, Mr. Santiago has played an integral role in adding complimentary lab services (TOC, XRD, XRF) into NUTECH’s petrophysical workflow. 

Prior to coming to NUTECH, Mr. Santiago started his career with Core Lab’s petroleum service division then joined Knowledge Systems prior to being acquired by Halliburton. Mr. Santiago graduated from Stephen F. Austin University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology.

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