Defining Porosity

In petrophysics there are a number of subtle differences when discussing porosity. Porosity is defined as the void or space in the material being observed.

NuTech Celebrates 25th Anniversary

NuTech is celebrating our 25th anniversary in 2023! We have contributed to many advances over the last 25 years, both within NuTech and the industry

NuTech Hosts IRAD User Forum

NuTech hosted our first User Forum for IRAD. This platform is, and will always be, a client driven product. Many ideas were presented and discussed.

Gulf of Mexico CCUS

NuTech is pleased to announce the completion of a proprietary study in the Gulf of Mexico of more than 200 wells for the purpose of identifying #CCUS injection

Determine Where Wells Are Landed

How long does it take you to determine what wells are landed where?  IRAD has every well landed that we could get our hands on. This

Dynamic Pore Connectivity in Tight Gas Plays

James Greene, Lab Manager – PoroLabs The connective behavior of pore throats can be a major influence on residual gas saturation in low permeability lithologies. The