Any formation, anywhere in the world.

Our reservoir intelligence group can characterize any reservoir, no matter how complex.

Global Knowledge, Worldly Experience

Extensive unconventional work, bypassed pay, mature field rejuvenation projects and shale potential studies.
Working reservoir
and stimulation optimization field study in Talara Basin.
Actively studying La Luna Formation in the Middle and Upper Magdalena basins. Have also completed conventional reserve assessment field studies.
Studied unconventionals in San Jorge Basin and identified Vaca Muerta as potential target as early as 2006.
Onshore Data Release Agent for the British Geological Survey (BGS). Also created multi-client area study for onshore shale potential.
Assessing bypassed oil potential using vintage ES and Russian log data.
Working with the Dutch government (EBN) to define the Posidonia Shale potential. Also bypassed pay analysis in the Dutch North Sea sector.
Studied conventional
and unconventional opportunities in the Cambay Basin.
Evaluating shale gas resource potential for the Directorate General of Hydrocarbon for use in developing commercial feasibility and the establishment of a resource policy.
Identified and proved one
of the most prolific oil-producing regions in the Eagle Ford prior to any surrounding unconventional production.
Conventional and unconventional experience in every onshore and offshore producing basin in the U.S.

We have seen it all.

NUTECH has helped reduce risk, manage costs and increase well productivity for some 500 clients, from super majors to small independents, in over 80 countries around the globe.

Our one-of-a-kind process, a customized approach, yields solutions that address a wide range of needs, including:

  • Screening potential prospects
  • Wanting to validate an opportunity
  • Seeking to enhance exploitation of reserves
  • Trying to identify bypassed hydrocarbons

By helping you manage costs and minimize risk, NUTECH creates value at every stage along the asset life cycle. And with access to over 2 million data sets all over the world and nearly 100,000 wells analyzed, our unique approach has proven invaluable time and time again.

This isn't just characterization of the reservoir. This improves every facet of E&P.
More accurate evaluation. Stronger development strategy. Smarter completions. Better results.
The science of reservoir intelligence isn't new. But the application, the way we do it, is changing everything.
We have completed full field studies on some of the most prolific basins in the world. Jump-start your exploration right here.
In addition to hydrocarbon production, the chief purveyors of reservoir intelligence have passion for the industry and the community.