Jurassic Study

A study of 174 wells in the Ark-La-Tex region.

Cotton Valley, Bossier, and Haynesville horizons in the Ark-La-Tex

This study provides insight into the connectivity of textural attributes of the wells.

Regional Studies - Area Study Image - Jurassic
The study wells represent a portion of our experience in this area. View our Interactive Map to see just how many wells we have analyzed.

NUTECH provides insight into the connectivity of textural attributes of the wells in addition to identifying and quantifying hydrocarbon columns per well and across the study area with NULOOK Shale Analysis, attribute mapping from NUVIEW, and formation brittleness and fracability identification from NUSTIM Geomechanical Analysis. 

The project area includes 174 wells in the Ark-La-Tex region with targeted formations including upper and Lower Cotton Valley, bossier Shale and Haynesville Shale.  Area-wide cross sections provide structural and stratigraphic insight to the geological variations across the region.

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