NUTECH Secures multi-million-dollar contract with Tatweer Article

Source:, Weekly Energy, Economic & Geopolitical Outlook Vol. 61. No. 14. 06.April.2018

Tatweer has awarded NUTECH a multi-million-dollar contract after appraisal and review of unconventional resources. In September 2017, Tatweer contracted NUTECH to "evaluate, forecast and optimize the completion and stimulation of BAPCO's first unconventional offshore well with lateral drilling and multi-stage proppant fracking". NUTECH CEO Steve Roth held talks with the Minister of Energy and the CEO of Tatweer in April 2018, reviewing the study and finalizing the 3-year contract. State News agency BNA says the reserves “dwarf Bahrain’s current reserves.” Energy Minister Shaikh Muhammad Al Khalifa says the discovery has some 80bn barrels oil in place and 13.7tcf gas in place. The April meeting identified eight projects that will involve several of NUTECH’s business units. These projects will characterize the reservoirs, including identifying natural fractures, build 3D geomodels, history match production, optimize and forecast future production and estimate single well economics and overall asset value. NUTECH is a premier global provider of reservoir evaluation, characterization, and analytics to the oil and gas industry. See “Bahrain Eyes Unconventional Oil for Economic Reboot” for more information.

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