Frequently Asked Questions

Common inquiries from E&P customers

Reservoir intelligence covers a broad scope of information, for a variety of customizeable solutions, each addressing needs that arise in different spots all along the life cycle of an asset.

We recommend that, wherever you are with your project or asset, you call 1.800.688.3241 to discuss your needs with a member of our reservoir intelligence team. In the meantime, we hope the FAQs listed below will provide some inital insight into how NUTECH can add value to you and your business.

What is critical to reservoir success?

There are 8 critical elements you must understand about any reservoir. They are:

  • Effective Porosity
  • Total Organic Carbon (TOC)
  • Permeability
  • Volume of Clay (VClay)
  • Saturation
  • Mineralogy
  • Brittleness
  • Rock Competency

From an interpretive standpoint, our integrated analysis focuses on defining the reservoir prior to any recommendations regarding its value. NUTECH's technical disciplines allow us to define all of these elements in-house with data, managed by the Reservoir Intelligence team.

What is Reservoir Intelligence?

Reservoir Intelligence is NUTECH’s life cycle strategy to value, manage and act on the reservoir. We utilize our unique approach to petrophysics in order to inform our completion engineering, reservoir modeling and engineering solutions. Reservoir Intelligence combines the experience of our staff with our proprietary technologies to provide clients with integrated solutions no matter where they are within the reservoir’s life cycle.

What makes NUTECH’s Reservoir Intelligence team unique in the industry?

Exposure. We have been analyzing conventional and unconventional reservoirs as a team since 1998. With nearly 100,000 logs analyzed and 25,000 fracture stage designs from almost every prospective and producing basin from around the globe, NUTECH provides our clients with the confidence that we can make an immediate impact with their decision-making. NUTECH delivers informed decisions to clients with a speed that only comes from such exposure.


What is the benefit of working with NUTECH’s Reservoir Intelligence team?

Experience and expertise. Our clients gain immediate access to a team of technical professionals focused on solving the unique uncertainties of their project. We have worked projects uncovering and demonstrating value throughout the world. Most recently we have focused on understanding the varying elements that make unconventional shale opportunities successful. Our teams are led by industry leading Petrophysicists, Core Analysts, Completion Engineers, Reservoir Engineers, and Geologists. Each discipline utilizes unique approaches to extracting maximum value from data in order to give our clients a competitive advantage when ultimately making capital investment decisions regardless of where they are in the life cycle of an asset.

What is the Reservoir Intelligence process?

NUTECH focuses on understanding your needs, your current problems and your future goals. Once defined we will conduct a feasibility study if needed in order to characterize the reservoir. Following our initial analysis, NUTECH’s Reservoir Intelligence (RI) team will present a project scope aimed to provide solutions for your needs. Upon agreement, a Project Lead and supporting RI team will be assigned in order to deliver results. The Project Lead acts as your constant conduit for communication and project updates through project delivery.

How does Reservoir Intelligence translate to my bottom line?

Value. Reservoir Intelligence was built around identifying and proving value for our clients. When clients engage a Reservoir Intelligence (RI) team, the team is focused on delivering the expected value outlined in our project scope. From our perspective it can be just as valuable to select the right opportunity in the heart of a reservoir or increase production as it is to know when to pass on an investment opportunity or divest an asset. We work to define and address the risk associated with our clients’ decisions and overall strategies.

Does NUTECH focus more on conventional or unconventional reservoirs?

Both. NUTECH’s early work focused on identifying bypassed pay and free water in conventional reservoirs. Our interpretations are based upon a unique textural approach that accurately determines hydrocarbon pore volume and permeability. Over the last 10 years NUTECH has been a driving force in the unconventional “shale” plays. Our ability to combine our key petrophysical parameters with our mechanical properties and core output is second to none.

How much data do you recommend clients continue to collect as a reservoir moves into production?

NUTECH continues to demonstrate that in a Gold Field, constant contact with the reservoir helps maximize value and minimize risk. We plan for and recommend strategic data collection points throughout the acreage position to allow for reservoir management, reserve determination and completion optimization. By characterizing the reservoir throughout the basin, we can begin to understand a reservoir’s variable behavior and tailor development plans to address individual well challenges.

What types of clients does NUTECH work with?

We work with every player in upstream oilfield operations. Clients include operators, oilfield service companies, transaction advisors, as well as capital funding and investment groups. Projects cover all phases of a reservoir’s life cycle from Green Field exploration, Gold Field validation and optimization, to Brown Field extraction.

How does your experience help decrease your clients’ learning curve in a reservoir?

NUTECH’s database consists of both core calibrated petrophysical models and production calibrated stimulation designs from nearly every basin around the globe. This interpreted database allows NUTECH great efficiencies when working in either well characterized basins or undefined exploration environments. When we are able to find comparable rocks from similar depositional systems, our uncalibrated models can become quickly attuned to a new reservoir. Once we understand the elements of the reservoir, NUTECH quickly has a model for production.

Are individual services still available?

Yes. Clients continue to value our individual services for projects with limited, more specific scopes. NUTECH is called upon for individual well or small data set projects, larger outsourced projects, as well as for independent third party reviews. Account managers continue to support current and future clients when selecting appropriate services for these projects.

If I have three producing wells, should I just complete well #4 the same as my best producer?

There is a probability that each of your wells produce at different rates. If so, isn’t the difference in the production curves indicative of a complex and variable reservoir? Why should these nearby wells be completed in the same manner when we understand that there is variability in the reservoir? By characterizing the reservoir throughout the basin, we can begin to understand this variable behavior and tailor completions to separate locations addressing individual well challenges.

Do I need to run 30 completion simulations?

When the reservoir characterization steps are finished and completion scenarios are investigated, often 30 individual scenarios aren't enough to cover all of the potential options when completing a well. Lateral location, perforation strategy, size and rate of injected fluids, fluid chemistry, as well as proppant material, size and density are all at play in the optimization of an individual well. Often multiple scenarios are used addressing individual well challenges such as avoiding fracture growth into a problematic formation or ensuring adequate growth throughout the target zone. The largest impact an engineer can have on the economics of a well is to adequately access and connect as much hydrocarbon as economically viable back to the wellbore through the completion. NUTECH’s team focuses on avoiding leaving reserves behind pipe and increasing stimulated reservoir volume.

In this field, Company X is using sand for their completions. Shouldn’t I just do the same thing?

Following the same plans as offsetting operators or local field service providers could limit your success in a play. By characterizing and understanding the reservoir dynamic, subtle changes to the completions can occur that can add significant benefit and savings. Field driven solutions are a great starting point for optimization but these solutions gravitate to the average producers in the field which, in turn, could have a negative effect when it comes to maximizing the value of your asset. When NUTECH identifies areas of exceptional reservoir quality in the Gold Field, these new wells deserve individual attention in order to maximize their impact in the asset.

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