Opportunity Validation

We help clients learn where to drill, how to complete, what to expect, what data to collect, and much more.

Proof of Concept

It is imperative to prove the concept in order to maximize value.

Validating Potential

Once the evaluation is complete, NUTECH will plan drilling and new data collection strategies in order to maintain communication with the reservoir and further calibrate the model. This includes the planning of logging and coring programs.

The NUTECH core laboratory utilizes Mercury Intrusion Capillary Pressure (MICP) measurements, geochemical analysis, and petrographic analysis to link attributes to consistent petrophysical and engineering outputs.

Updating the Reservoir Model and Targeting Right-Sized Completions

Petrophysical models are updated in order to continuously refine the reservoir model. NUTECH completion engineers will begin the process of optimizing fracture treatments. By utilizing consistent petrophysical outputs, NUTECH honors each well’s individual characteristics and targets right-sized completions. Engineers design and analyze injection tests and optimize vertical and horizontal frac designs.

Actual production results are calibrated to production models in order to assess the success of an individual completion job or an overall strategy. The goal is to stay ahead of drilling activities.

The 3D Model and Full Reservoir Characterization

Once significant amounts of moveable hydrocarbon are established, NUTECH integrates the new drill and production data with the working reservoir model in order to create a living 3D model. This model provides full reservoir characterization, property distribution and original in-place volumes versus reserves. In turn, NUTECH reservoir engineers are able to identify reservoir sweet spots, boundaries and in-place volumes for development planning and reservoir management.

Handling Complex Challenges

Unproven unconventional resources test an operator’s development strategy and belief in a prospect. Even the best prospects can be labeled non-commercial or unproven because:

  • The proof of concept strategy was not properly planned
  • Service companies were not properly managed
  • The operator was not ready to address the complexities of bringing a reservoir to life

NUTECH has worked with clients through this process many times and can anticipate the challenges operators will face in commercial reservoirs.

Relevant Questions

What is critical to reservoir success?

There are 8 critical elements you must understand about any reservoir. They are:

  • Effective Porosity
  • Total Organic Carbon (TOC)
  • Permeability
  • Volume of Clay (VClay)
  • Saturation
  • Mineralogy
  • Brittleness
  • Rock Competency

From an interpretive standpoint, our integrated analysis all focuses on defining the reservoir prior to any recommendations of value. NUTECH's technical disciplines allow us to define all of these elements in-house with data, managed by the Reservoir Intelligence team.

In this field, Company X is using sand for their completions. Shouldn’t I just do the same thing?

Following the same plans as offsetting operators or local field service providers could limit your success in a play. By characterizing and understanding the reservoir dynamic, subtle changes to the completions can occur that can add significant benefit and savings. Field driven solutions are a great starting point for optimization but these solutions gravitate to the average producers in the field which, in turn, could have a negative effect when it comes to maximizing the value of your asset. When NUTECH identifies areas of exceptional reservoir quality in the Gold Field, these new wells deserve individual attention in order to maximize their impact in the asset.

How does your experience help decrease your clients’ learning curve in a reservoir?

NUTECH’s database consists of both core calibrated petrophysical models and production calibrated stimulation designs from nearly every basin around the globe. This interpreted database allows NUTECH great efficiencies when working in either well characterized basins or undefined exploration environments. When we are able to find comparable rocks from similar depositional systems, our uncalibrated models can become quickly attuned to a new reservoir. Once we understand the elements of the reservoir, NUTECH quickly has a model for production.

What is the benefit of working with NUTECH’s Reservoir Intelligence team?

Experience and Expertise. Our clients gain immediate access to a team of technical professionals focused on solving the unique uncertainties of their project. We have worked projects uncovering and demonstrating value throughout the world. Most recently we have focused on understanding the varying elements that make unconventional shale opportunities successful. Our teams are led by industry leading Petrophysicists, Core Analysts, Completion Engineers, Reservoir Engineers, and Geologists. Each discipline utilizes unique approaches to extracting maximum value from data in order to give our clients a competitive advantage when ultimately making capital investment decisions regardless of where they are in the life cycle of an asset.

This isn't just characterization of the reservoir. This improves every facet of E&P.
More accurate evaluation. Stronger development strategy. Smarter completions. Better results.
The science of reservoir intelligence isn't new. But the application, the way we do it, is changing everything.
We have completed full field studies on some of the most prolific basins in the world. Jump-start your exploration right here.
In addition to hydrocarbon production, the chief purveyors of reservoir intelligence have passion for the industry and the community.