Reservoir Engineering

Optimizing development of conventional and unconventional reservoirs. 

NUVISION delivers value at every stage of reservoir development.

NUVISION combines with all other NUTECH disciplines to generate the best solution to optimize return on capital invested as well as ultimate recovery.

NUVISION integrates field data to form an overall reservoir understanding. This typically involves the creation of fit for purpose dynamic models. Dynamic modeling is a rigorous industry best practice methodology capable of capturing complex reservoir behavior. It is the foundation of a structured approach to sound decision making that integrates all known engineering data for the benefit of reservoir development. The NUTECH integration workflow is iterative and in both directions with NUVISION providing guidance to the preceding departments based on the history match performance (production, pressures, water cuts, etc) of the reservoir. 

NUVISION models conventional and unconventional reservoirs to determine the location, well type and completion specifics that generate the optimal development plan. The models are also used to determine the impact of changing the field recovery process such as the application of secondary recovery and/or EOR processes. 

The modeling work is updated with new field data and becomes a living representation of the current understanding of the reservoir. The NUVISION forecasts are the main input to economical modeling which highlights the development plan with the best return on capital. The dynamic model then becomes an integral part of best practice decision making in the development of the reservoir.

The current capabilities are:

  • Conventional and unconventional dynamic reservoir modeling
  • Pressure transient analysis 
  • Regional (thousands of wells) or local (tens to hundreds of wells) decline curve analysis (DCA)
  • Economic modeling services

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  • Perf Cluster Optimizer
  • Production Analysis Work
  • Areal Production Assessment
  • Financial Montage – Asset Valuation Assessment
  • Multiphase Financial Montage Assessment
  • Areal Financial Montage – Asset Valuation Assessment
  • Areal Financial Montage Production Type Curve Extrapolation
  • Sector Forecasting with 3D 3Phase Dynamic Modeling
  • Sector History Matching and Forecasting with 3D 3Phase Dynamic Modeling

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This isn't just characterization of the reservoir. This improves every facet of E&P.
More accurate evaluation. Stronger development strategy. Smarter completions. Better results.
The science of reservoir intelligence isn't new. But the application, the way we do it, is changing everything.
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