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NULOOK Petrophysical Evaluations

Expertise - Petrophysical Analysis - Shale EF

NULOOK is an enhanced petrophysical analysis which utilizes conventional open hole well logs. An accurate determination of effective porosity is derived using a proprietary multi-mineral based system which integrates a multi-source clay volume logic and a series of algorithms which yield a pores size distribution. The pore size distribution is based on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) data as well as an extensive core analysis database which gives an understanding of the texture of the reservoir rock. From this textural understanding, bound and free fluid are determined as well as a very robust permeability which correlates to core results.

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NULOOK Shale Analysis

Shale Analysis is an enhanced NULOOK petrophysical analysis, which yields the Total Organic Carbon content of the shale and provides a kerogen correction on the log data to determine the effective porosity and permeability of an organic shale.

NULOOK Fracture Analysis

Fracture Analysis is an extended feature of the NULOOK petrophysical analysis. Fracture Analysis utilizes multiple natural fracture indicators to determine the frequency and relative confidence of the presence of natural fractures, which can enhance porosity and producibility.

NULOOK Thin Bed Analysis

Thin Bed Analysis is an enhanced NULOOK petrophysical analysis specifically for low contrast thinly laminated intervals. By determining inflection points in standard open hole logging measurements using a binary process, high resolution porosity, permeability, and water saturation can be resolved giving a better estimate of reservoir quality and volumetrics.


The NULOOK enhanced petrophysical analysis is performed using old electric log information, typically a Spontaneous Potential curve with one or more resistivity curves, or more modern log data which does not have usable porosity data. The result is consistent with modern complete NULOOK analysis.


NULOOK petrophysical analysis utilizes the free fluid porosity saturation in conjunction with produced fluid properties to determine relative permeability relationships for water cut predictions as well as fluid volumes.


NULOOK Mixed Wettability

NUTECH utilizes the conventional triple combo data set to produce a mixed wettability petrophysical model tuned to the production fluid cuts and EUR of producing wells in the general area.

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