Our Clients

We've helped more than 500 clients worldwide make informed, timely decisions, adding value and reducing risk along the way.

Here are a few:

Since 2002

US, Gulf of Mexico
200 wells analyzed

Since 2002

US, Indonesia
UK area study

Since 2012

Netherlands area study

Since 2010

UK, Canada
UK area study

Since 2006

368 wells analyzed

Since 2006

2,378 wells analyzed

Since 2011

Eagle Ford area studies

Since 2003

1,612 wells analyzed


1,608 wells analyzed

Since 2002

1,223 wells analyzed

Since 2001

US, Mexico, Colombia, UK
1,918 wells

This isn't just characterization of the reservoir. This improves every facet of E&P.
More accurate evaluation. Stronger development strategy. Smarter completions. Better results.
The science of reservoir intelligence isn't new. But the application, the way we do it, is changing everything.
We have completed full field studies on some of the most prolific basins in the world. Jump-start your exploration right here.
In addition to hydrocarbon production, the chief purveyors of reservoir intelligence have passion for the industry and the community.