Nutech Energy to Present at SPE-GCS Reservoir Technology Form

SPE-GCS Reservoir Technology Forum
May 14, 2015
Anadarko Conference Center
8 am – 4 pm
The Woodlands, TX

The Reservoir Technology Forum is the annual event hosted by the SPE Gulf Coast Section Reservoir Study Group designed to disseminate knowledge and technology needed to achieve the many objectives of reservoir management, including understanding risk, increasing production and reserves, and maximizing recovery. The Society of Petroleum Engineers Gulf Coast Section anticipates that more than 250 attendees and this year will focus on technical and practical aspects related to technology and innovation, EOR/IOR, and unconventional resources.

Nutech experts will present the following presentation:
• Session: Unconventional Reservoirs – A Service Company Perspective
• Presenting Author: Jorge Vilamontes
Presentation Title: Case Study into the Successful Evaluation and Completion of Nonconventional Wells in Mexico
• Presentation Date: May 14, 2015, Unconventional Reservoirs (Part 3)
Presentation Location: Anadarko Conference Center

Our Reservoir Engineer, Jorge Viamontes, welcomes you to attend the program. He will be presenting how NUTECH designed the completion and stimulation of the two best performing unconventional wells in Mexico. The talk will cover the reservoir characterization centric process that the NUTSTIM department used to optimize PEMEX’s value.

For over 17 years NUTECH has been a provider of petroleum reservoir solutions for almost every operator in every basin of the world. In this period, NUTECH has analyzed an unprecedented 100,000+ wells with its proprietary NULOOK textural log analysis technology. This breadth of experience along with integrated workflows, proprietary technologies and a team of multidisciplinary professionals have placed NUTECH as a world leader in reservoir characterization. Superior NULOOK reservoir characterization forms the foundation of our geological (NUVIEW), stimulation-fracture design (NUSTIM) and reservoir engineering (NUVISION) disciplines.

Reservoir Intelligence is the integration of these core disciplines, our experience and all available engineering data to create consistent and representative models that provide a structured and methodological approach to optimize value. RI forms the umbrella of knowledge in which reservoir characterization, fluid dynamics and reservoir performance are utilized for the optimal exploitation of the reservoir. NUTECH aims to optimize return on capital invested not just ultimate recovery.

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If you would like to arrange for a meeting with Nutech personnel in advance, please contact us at 281-812-4030 or We look forward to meeting you and your colleagues at SPE-GCS 2015 Forum!

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