NUTECH Announces Expansion of Utica/Point Pleasant Study

January 7, 2015

Houston, Texas – NUTECH today announced that it plans to release an expansion of its Utica/Point Pleasant Regional field study in February 2015.  The field study is an update and enhancement to our successful 90 well 2011 Utica/Point Pleasant study, which helped multiple clients better understand the trend.  In 2011, the Utica/Point Pleasant play was in its infancy, but in 2012 and 2013, the play gained momentum as operators jockeyed for position, evaluated test wells, and proved up both the Utica and Point Pleasant reservoirs.  In 2014 the play hit its stride, with horizontal wells delivering several of the industry’s biggest IP rates in the last 5 years.  As the play developed, so did NUTECH’s evaluation techniques.  NUTECH continued to collect more rock data, log data, and completion information to better understand the Utica/Point Pleasant interval.  Updates and enhancements included in NUTECH’s newly released 130 well 2015 Utica/Point Pleasant study include:

  • Inclusion of 72 wells not available in the 2011 study.
  • Focused on southeast Ohio to include wells in the “core” where data was absent back in 2011.
  • Refined Total Organic Carbon (TOC) analysis for the Point Pleasant member.
  • Revisions to the permeability models to better reflect rock information.
  • Revisions to water saturation calculation to better reflect rock information.
  • Varied pore pressure gradients for Gas In Place (GIP) mapping.
  • Inclusion of 24 evaluated wells in emerging areas of the Utica/Point Pleasant play in West Virginia, northern Pennsylvania, & southern New York.

You can learn more about the Utica/Point Pleasant regional field study by clicking here.

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