NUTECH Announces Canadian Shale Studies for 2014 – Duvernay, Montney, and Nordeg

February 3, 2014

Houston, Texas – A new addition to NUTECH’s extensive North American shale study collection was announced today by President and CEO Mr. Allen Howard. This study highlights the three major unconventional shale plays in Canada, providing indepth insight to the reservoir potential using petrophysical and geological analysis of 553 wells.

NUTECH’s studies provide insight into the connectivity across areas by simulating geological and petrophysical property distributions. The results confirm stratigraphic variability as well as identify and quantify hydrocarbon columns per well and across the study area.  These studies have been developed through NUTECH’s experience and analysis of several thousand wells with core and production data.

Deliverables of these studies will include:

  • NULOOK Shale Analysis of all wells
  • NUSTIM Geomechanical Analysis of all wells
  • POROLABS rock measurements of available core or cutting samples
  • NUVIEW 2D Geological Mapping
    • Formation Parameters
    • Petrophysical Parameters
    • Fluid Parameters
    • Cross Sections
    • Geochemical Parameters
    • Reports


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