Wells shown are based on current OK O&G Commission Reservoir designations. Actual wells analyzed are not shown on current map and subject to change. Map source: Drilling Info. 

NUTECH is pleased to announce the upcoming release of our 23rd North American study.  The Hoxbar Trend Study, located in the Anadarko basin, will include over 100 petrophysically & geomechanically evaluated well logs across parts of Grady, Caddo, Canadian, Blaine, & Custer counties in central Oklahoma.  This study will focus on various members of the Pennsylvanian-aged Hoxbar group including Marchand Sand, Medrano Sand, Wade Sand, and the Culp Melton formations.   As an extension of NUTECH’s existing STACK, SCOOP, and Merge studies, underlying Springer, Miss, and Woodford formations will also be evaluated in this study, where zones are present. 
Horizontal Hoxbar development has been underway for the last few years in the southeast end of the trend.  Termed SOHOT, or Southern Oklahoma Hoxbar Oil Trend, by Unit Petroleum, drilling activity at this end of the trend has focused on the oily Marchand & gassy Medrano members.  NUTECH’s Hoxbar Trend study will extend from the SOHOT play area, moving towards the northwest into areas where operators can drill shallower, cheaper Hoxbar horizontals on top of deeper SCOOP & STACK target zones.

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