BAPCO awards NUTECH Energy Unconventional Hanifa-Tuwaiq Mountain Project

HOUSTON, TX -BAPCO has awarded NUTECH Energy an integrated unconventional completion optimization project for Hanifa-Tuwaiq Mountain source rock. The focus of the project is to evaluate, forecast and optimize the completion and stimulation of BAPCO’s first unconventional offshore well with lateral drilling and multi-stage proppant fracking in 2017. NUTECH will highlight the unconventional potential of Hanifa-Tuwaiq Mountain source rock by maximizing the production of the well.

The project will be performed utilizing NUTECH’s petrophysical and geomechanical evaluation for reservoir characterization. Thereafter, NUTECH’s NUSTIM will develop an optimized completion and stimulation plan constrained by pumping limitations, underlining the production potential of Hanifa-Tuwaiq Mountain zone.  

It is worth mentioning that in 2012, light oil of 43o API was recovered from Hanifa-Tuwaiq Mountain source rock in a vertical well offshore Bahrain. This encouraged BAPCO Exploration Team to carry out a number of technical studies to understand and evaluate the source rock potential of Hanifa-Tuwaiq Mountain zone, the first of which was with NUTECH energy. In this regard, Mr. Yahya Alansari, Manager Exploration, says: “BAPCO has established a strong technical relationship with NUTECH Energy since my first visit to their offices in Dallas in 2012. Since then, NUTECH started studying the unconventional potential in Bahrain. From asset evaluation to operational optimization, BAPCO is now testing its first unconventional offshore well. This is a major milestone in the history of Bahrain Exploration that could start a new era of oil industry in Bahrain”.

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