GeoTextural Properties

The NuStimâ„¢ GeoTextural properties log consists of Poisson’s ratio, Young’s modulus, Biot’s constant, pore pressure, overburden pressure and in-situ stress profile descriptions, and is calibrated to existing well data for field application. After calibration, these computations only require triple combo data sets and the textural NuLook analysis inputs, allowing a complex rock properties log to be generated and applied to all wells in a field regardless of the acquisition of sonic measurements. This model offers a low cost alternative to the acquisition of processed sonic wellsite data. By complementing the pore size distribution of the reservoir provided by the NuLook process with geomechanical results, a more complete understanding of texture can be achieved.

Benefits of Geomechanical modeling include:

Seismic depth calibration with synthetic DT
Improved fracture modeling and understanding
Well planning in unconventional resources
Enhanced reservoir simulation
Formation stability in poorly consolidated formations
Drilling applications
Permits properties and formation description on pre-existing cased wells
Poor hole conditions that stretch or negate measured acoustic data are managed through the NuLook process. Therefore, in hostile environments, including extreme temperatures, unconventional reservoirs, or poor hole rugosity, the synthetic measurements from the model often provide an improved solution over the acquired data.

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